Our Approach

Our Educational Philosophy

Our philosophy at Lualima is to provide a nature-connected, passion-led homeschooling approach that nurtures both children and caregivers. We aim to support the growth of socially adept, collaborative, and adaptable youth through daily practices that align with each individual's inner compass. We believe that fostering self-awareness, social awareness and collaboration skills in learners is essential for their overall development and success in life and in the world. Each Learning Club has instructors ready to prioritize the success of each of our learners in our small group model.

  Passion-Led Learning 

These are educational practices that prioritize student empowerment and autonomy. Children are given the opportunity to actively shape their own learning experiences by creating, monitoring, and improving upon them. This is often achieved through collaboration among students, where they take on leadership roles within the learning process and teach one another. By giving students a greater degree of agency and control over their education, it becomes a pathway that is defined by the students themselves, rather than by a fixed curriculum or top-down instruction.

PRESENTING ... Learner Clubs!!

A dynamic out-of-school learning experience tailored for primary and middle school students. Our Learning Clubs are more than just a place to develop academic skills; they are a vibrant community where students can thrive and ignite their passion for learning. In our clubs, students engage in a diverse range of activities that go beyond homework, nurturing their numeracy and literacy skills while fostering creativity and critical thinking. With caring mentors and a supportive environment, students flourish as they explore their interests and gain confidence in their abilities. At Lualima, we're dedicated to empowering students, sparking their curiosity, and providing them with a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

The Laulima Mindset

Laulima- Many hands, united, community. With multiple leaders building confidence in our learner group, the common goal is to inspire safety, kindness and critical thinking in a social, collaborative learning environment for all. Our name (Lualima) is an adaptation of this beautiful word. 

Building Our Community 

U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance is a powerful declaration of loyalty and devotion to the United States that our learners will say each morning before beginning their first Learning Club. It represents a solemn promise to uphold the values and principles that our nation stands for and was founded on. Through the recitation of these words, we unite as one, acknowledging our shared identity and commitment to the ideals that make our country great.

Our Morning Meeting 

Our learners participate in a daily Morning Meeting to provide a feeling of connection to their peers as well as their instructors. 

Our Comunity Meeting

Families participate in a virtual or in person, Quarterly Community Meeting.