Fall 2023 Schedules

K-8th Schedule

Semster 1- August 14th, 2023- December 21st, 2023

Choose between 2, 3 or 4 days. Choice of semster or annual commitment. Monthly payments.

Fall and Spring Semester Schedule



Club Descriptions

Math Magicians

We make math exciting and enjoyable for elementary and middle school learners in this Math club. Using the spiral model of learning, we reinforce topics with increasing depth, linking new concepts to previous learning. Join us for interactive games, hands-on activities, and real-world problem-solving challenges. Build strong math skills and confidence through teamwork and individualized learning activities, we strive to not only meet the goal that every Lualima learner becomes numerate but, we exceed it with a love for Math as it applies to the real world! Singapore Math, Artful Math, Harbor and Sprout and Khan Academy are used in this club.

Vibin' Virtuosos

This fun and engaging music club, where elementary and middle school-aged learners will explore the joy of making music together! In this interactive club, students will discover rhythms, melodies, and basic music theory through hands-on activities, singing, playing instruments, and group ensemble practice. They will develop coordination, musical skills, and creativity while gaining a deeper appreciation for music. The class will culminate in a special performance showcase, where students can proudly showcase their newfound talents to friends and family. Get ready to groove, sing, and create music in a friendly and supportive environment! Learners can either bring their own instrument they have experience in or you can purchase an Ukulele or Melodica to participate in this club. 

Nourishing Cooks

In this hands-on culinary club, learners will use fresh ingredients including some from their own garden and learn to make tasty meals to share with families in the Lualima community. They'll explore the flavors of seasonal produce, gain culinary skills, and discover the benefits of fresh whole foods. Join us to inspire kids to get excited about healthy eating, while learninng about how nutrious foods and plants nourish our bodies! The Food Tree Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Curriculum and other allergy friendly recipes are used in this club.

Mad Scientists

This multi-sciences club is designed to spark curiosity and develop critical thinking skills. Learners will not only conduct experiments but also learn to observe, question, and analyze their findings. Throughout the semester, they will explore various scientific concepts and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. Learners will showcase their skills and creativity in an end-of-semester science project. Teachers Pay Teachers, Harbor and Sprout, Raising Little Shoots-Exploring Nature with Children and MEL Science Kits are used in this club. 

Survivalist Squad

Guided by the principles of preparedness and self-sufficiency, this Survivalist and Life Skills club fosters creativity, teamwork, and independence. Through outdoor experiences and hands-on learning, students will develop the knowledge and confidence necessary to thrive in any environment. Age appropriate activities such as nature scavenger hunts, learning basic plant and animal identification,building simple shelters for younger learners while older learners develop skills such as fire safety and building, knot tying, map reading and navigation. We're on a mission to empower the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and budding survivalists, so join us today and start your own adventure! Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival and The Waldock Way - Survival Unit Study are used in this club. 

Lively Literaries

Literacy and reading club is adaptable and strongly encourages learner collaboration from book choices to end of semester projects. For our emergent readers, we focus on building a solid foundation by introducing letter recognition, phonics, and basic sight word recognition through interactive games and activities. As they progress, we delve into decoding strategies and comprehension skills to help them become confident and independent readers. For our fluent readers, we delve into the literary landscape through book discussions, literary analysis, and writing workshops, helping them refine their reading and writing skills as well as broaden their vocabulary and critical thinking abilities. Our Literacy and reading club ensures that each child receives personalized guidance, encouragement, and tailored activities to meet their unique learning needs. All About Reading, Harbor and Sprout and literacy games from multiple resources are used in this club.

History Hunters

History and Economics Club, explores the past and present with a critical and honest lens! This club is designed to inspire young minds to think critically, question commonly held beliefs, and develop a deep understanding of history and economics. We utilize curricula such as Honest History Magazines and Tuttle Twins Economics Curriculum to introduce complex topics in a fun and engaging way, encouraging our club members to think independently, research thoroughly, and communicate effectively. We believe that a thorough understanding of history and economics is essential to becoming well-informed, responsible, and active members of society. Our club fosters a sense of curiosity and wonder through interactive activities, group discussions, and research projects that allow members to explore the challenges and issues of our time. We are committed to developing critical thinkers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to create positive change and make informed decisions for themselves and their communities. Tuttle Twins, Honest History Magazine, Our Land Publications Texas History Curriculum and Harbor and Sprout are used in this club. 

Apothecary and Homeopathy Club

Apothecary & Homeopathy Club explores the natural world and discovers the wonders of herbal remedies, herbal first aid, and Homeopathy. Through hands-on activities and immersive experiences, we'll learn about the healing power of plants, create herbal remedies, and cultivate a deep connection to the earth. Come unlock the secrets of nature's cabinet with us! Paola Brown's Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Curriculum and Learningherbs.com are used in this club.