What is a Homeschool Co-op?

A group of intentional families creating a learning environment with regularly scheduled sessions. Typically, co-ops use a model of parent volunteers or hire an educator and split the costs associated with operating the group. 

What is a Microschool?

Microschooling is the reinvention of the one-room school house, where class size is typically smaller than that in most schools (15 students or less in a classroom) and there are mixed-age level groupings. Generally, microschools do not meet all 5 days of the school week, and their schedules look different than a traditional public or private school.

What is the intention of Lualima ℠ Community Microschool?

To create a like-minded community of families that co-create a dynamic learning environment for our group of elementary aged learners. Lualima ℠  is a secular group that welcomes learners from all walks of life to share their unique talents to our learning environment. We believe that everyone has something to offer whether it be an idea or perspective. We aim to create a space that presents many opportunities for social learning with a nature focused topics and walks, core subjects such as Math, Science, Literacy and History along with engaging enrichment clubs such as Homeopathy, Book Club, Debate, Culinary, Music and Art . We also believe in establishing a space that provides safety, comfort and growth for all involved and require all Lualima families to abide by our set guidelines and complete our required training for leading our group.

What is the age range for learners to enroll?

Lualima is geared towards elementary aged children aged 5-11 and expands with the older learners into Middle School and eventually High School.  

Lualima believes in play based learning for preschool aged learners 4 years or younger. Although we found a great interest from families in starting a sense of community at a younger age, we are still in search of a parent/educator to lead this group and consequentially are not offering Pre-K currently. If you are interested in leading this group in which there will need to be 4-6 enrolled families, please contact us at lualimacoop@gmail.com

Is there a religious affiliation?

No. Lualima is a secular program in which religious topics come up only in some historical references. We are inclusive in the way that we have families with all different belief systems coming together to build community from a loving place for each other and our youth. 

Who will be teaching my child? 

We have a mix of parent educators and holistically trained educators with a collective experience of over 20 years in project based, passion-led learning with skills in Social Emotional development and some traditional schooling as certified teachers. Each person who is left in charge of the group is required to be background checked. Background checks are to be kept up to date and a new check is require every other year to be kept on file. 

What is the Parental/Caregiver Commitment?

Enrolled families are required to volunteer in Spring and Fall sessions at a minimum of one day per month. This equates to 6 hours per month that we are able to split up as needed for families who have to work around work schedules or other plans.  It can be split up between parents/caregivers to get the hours/day done each month. You will be required to log your hours on the approved form. 

What curriculum is used?

Exploring Nature With Children*, Harbor and Sprout, Story of the World, Tuttle Twins*, Singapore Math, Artful Math, Kahn Academy, Paola Brown's Teach Me Homeopathy*, Honest History, Mel Science Kits. 

Curriculum will be adapted based on need aside from core curriculum. 

*Annotates a core curriculum.

Will I be required to show immunization records?

No, Lualima does not require this documentation to be kept on file as we are not a state recognized school but rather an non-profit educational program under GTX Connect. 

Is Lualima allergy friendly?

Yes! We are not currently a nut-free program but are currently accommodating many other allergies in our Culinary Club and are able to update our meal time/food policies for enrolled learners with new allergies. 

What is your educational approach?

Passion-led learning is the core of Lualima. Although we strongly believe in child-led learning experiences, we understand that in some cases more facilitation is needed. We aim to facilitate topics in short, interactive lessons of 15-20 minutes and allow our learners to stay within the subject at their own capacity. We do not believe that sitting at desks is for everyone and so we do some learning outside, standing up, bouncing on balls, while doing handwork, while tapping our feet and hands, in ways that make a mess, collaboratively as a group, together and individually. 

What is Lualima’s approach to illness?

In effort to try and keep families happy, healthy and learning, we ask that you please refrain from coming to Co-op with the following symptoms: 

-Fever in the past 24 hours

-Unproductive cough or visible runny nose

-Extreme lethargy 

-Covid- like symptoms

-Making us aware- In the case you or someone in your household has recently been diagnosed  with a contagious illness, please let one or both of the Directors know as soon as possible so they may inform the other co-op members. This allows the group to make the right decision for their own family on whether to attend the next session or not. There will not be refunds of any fees for missed days. 

For members who come with any of the above referenced symptoms, you will be asked to leave for the day and check in with your Directors to discuss healing before attending the next session. 

For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Darleen Rodriguez

Director and Co-Founder of Lualima